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Iberostar Bahia

Salvador de Bahia, Brazil


Friday, March 1, 2019-Saturday, March 9, 2019

One of the great attractions of Salvador de Bahia is Carnival, considered the largest, most popular festival in the world. During this festival, more than two million people roam the streets and avenues of the city dancing and skipping after the trio elétricos, trucks on which are mounted audio amplifiers and a stage where the bands play.

The Iberostar Bahia hotel is an All-Inclusive 5-star hotel in Brazil. Located right on the beach, it is a perfect choice for a well deserved vacation with children or a romantic trip for couples.

The magnificent hotel service staff and its well maintained facilities will make guests feel at home without having to forego the luxuries of a hotel of its class. In addition, the hotel's location on the shores of Praia do Forte, in Salvador de Bahia, makes it a beautiful place and guests will feel privileged to enjoy the nature that surrounds it.

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